Class Information
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To Register:

Register by showing up twenty minutes early to your first class; no preregistration is necessary. You will be asked to sign a waiver, which will complete your registration. Your punch card (Groupon, LivingSocial, etc., 4 class punch card, unlimited month) is good for all classes offered at Dance Life.

Price Information:

Drop in: $10
4 Class Pass: $39
8 Class Pass: $72
16 Class Pass: $136
Unlimited Month: $69

Classes Offered:

Key for classes:

(B) Beginner
(I) Intermediate
(A) Advanced
(B+) All Levels Welcome

All classes are 1 hour long

To find a class at the right intensity level for you, check our class coding: The code is the letter in brackets next to a class. (B) is for a beginning level class if it is dance-focused, or a low to no intensity (such as Stretch) class if it is fitness-focused. (B+) is the “begintermediate” level class for dance, or the mild intensity level class for fitness. (I) is for the intermediate level for dance, and the moderate intensity level for fitness. (A) denotes an advanced level class, or a high-intensity fitness class. 

Bellydance Fundamentals (B)

Instructor: Arielle and Kathy, Maureen or Sarah
Bellydance Fundamentals is offered four times a week: Monday at 6PM and Wednesday at 6PM (offered by Arielle and Mama K), Saturday at 9AM (offered by Maureen), Sunday at 10AM (offered by Sarah)

This class is a perfect choice for adults who are looking for a beginning level dance class, or for those who want to work their way up to a fitness class. Throughout the course, we break down Middle Eastern belly dance to its main components. Students will gain body awareness while learning the foundational moves. Short combinations will be introduced with emphasis on having fun while feeling the deep connection between the music and the movement.

Bellydance Fundamentals is offered in 8 or 9-week cycles. 2015 new cycle start dates: week of April 26th, week of June 28th, week of Aug 30th, week of Nov 1st.This class is intended to be taken once a week for 8 weeks, though latecomers to the session are always welcome; if you start late, just be sure to take the class for 8 weeks in a row, and you will have covered all of the material for this level.

Please note: You do not need to attend all classes held in one week; we suggest one class a week (or more if your schedule allows, extra practice is always helpful!) and you may jump between the classes as you see fit. Monday and Wednesday's classes are duplicates of each other, while the Saturday and Sunday classes cover material at different rates. However, no matter which class you attend, you will learn the same material over the course of 8 weeks.

Intermediate Bellydance (I)

Instructor: Arielle, Kathy,  Maureen, or Sarah
Intermediate Bellydance is offered three times weekly: Tuesdays at 6PM (offered by Arielle and Mama K) Thursdays at 7PM (offered by Arielle) Saturdays at 10AM (offered by Maureen) Sundays at 11am (offered by Sarah)
Suggested: Previous Experience or Bellydance Fundamentals

In Intermediate Bellydance, basic concepts are expanded upon, and the dancer's vocabulary of movement is greatly increased. Core technique skills are refined and combinations become longer. Students are encouraged to repeat this level to build the strongest foundation. All classes cover the same material, however each class covers dance movements and concepts at a different pace. We recommend trying out as many teachers as possible!

Unlike Fundamentals, Intermediate Belly Dance does not run on sessions; whenever you feel ready to move on, we encourage you to jump in. Our best recommendation: continue taking Fundamentals after you begin Intermediate to gain the best understanding of the dance form. 


Continuing Bellydance (A)

Instructor: Arielle
Continuing Bellydance is offered Tuesdays at 7PM (offered by Arielle)

Suggested: Previous Experience or Intermediate Bellydance.

In Continuing Bellydance, basic concepts are further expanded upon, and the dancer's vocabulary of movement continues to be greatly increased. Core technique skills are refined and combinations become longer. Students are encouraged to repeat this level as many times as possible. At 8pm, the class becomes ADVANCED BELLY DANCE CONCEPTS EXPRESS. We recommend taking Continuing Belly Dance in addition to this class. Advanced Belly Dance Concepts Express will cover techniques to take your dancing from amateur to professional!



Performance Class (B+ to I)

Instructor: Arielle, Ayperi, Alex
Performance Classes are offered four times weekly and all feature different styles:
Belly Dance/Burlesque Student Troupe (B+) Mondays at 7pm (offered by Arielle, opens January 5th)
American Tribal Style Student Troupe (I) Wednesdays at 7pm (offered by Ayperi, opens January 7th)
Belly Dance Student Troupe (I) Thursdays at 6pm (offered by Arielle)
Bollywood Troupe (B+) Sundays at noon (offered by Anjali)

A whole room full of people, clapping and cheering for you... Who doesn't want to experience that? Get a slice of the limelight in our student troupe performance classes! These classes are a low-pressure opportunity for students who would like to perform in a group onstage. Please note that these aren't drop in classes; if you would like to find out where we are in a routine, please send us an email and we will gladly assist you! 

Belly Dance/Burlesque
This student troupe is geared towards those who are brand new to performing and just want to have some fun with other ladies from the studio. This troupe will perform in Dance Life's semi annual haflas, and our biannual Inappropriate Song Night. Purchase or acquisition of a basic costume will be required, not to exceed $50 per costume. We recommend a round or two of our 8 week Fundamentals sessions before attending this class. 

American Tribal Style
This class is perfect for adults who are interested in belly dance with a rebellious spirit & a bad a$$ vibe.  This troupe class is open to adventurous beginners (who are prepared to be immersed into the wonderful world of ATS belly dance) and continuing/intermediate dancers alike who want to learn about and incorporate elements of this fusion style of dance into their own practice.

American Tribal Style belly dance is a modern take on the movements, aesthetics, and dynamics of traditional Middle Eastern dance, with an emphasis on a structured improvisational system that creates a supported, fun, and joyful performance. During the first six weeks of each session, Ayperi will teach American Tribal Style movements, techniques, and group dynamics through an upbeat choreography; during the 7th and 8th week, class will be focused on how to utilize the movements taught in class in structured improvisation.  At the end of the session, the troupe will have a performance opportunity, showcasing what the troupe has learned.
 The troupe will be supported by a Facebook group with videos, choreography notes, costuming ideas, and a discussion forum for students. The first session will start on Wednesday, 1/7, and run through 2/25, with a performance opportunity on 2/28 at A Perfect Knot's Bellydance Hafla.

Belly Dance
This class will learn a choreography based in belly dance together, and perform in haflas, professional shows and outside gigs here in Madison. Purchase or acquisition basic costuming will be required, not exceeding a maximum cost of $50. We recommend at least 16 weeks of Intermediate Belly Dance before attending this class. 

Bollywood is the upbeat dance style performed in many Indian musicals. It's a combination of many classical and folk Indian dance, with Latin, Arabic and Western moves thrown in for some spice. It's incredibly fun and very expressive, and there's a lot of deep meaning behind music in the films. Learn how to express what the music means and tell the story of the song through the graceful movements of the body. No previous dance experience is required- just arrive ready to enjoy the beats! Have fun in an adult beginner dance class where you learn a whole routine.

All these classes are specifically geared towards performance, so please join if you feel you can commit to attending most classes. We don't recommend dropping in on these classes as they will often contain material not relevant to those who aren't a part of the performance. Contact us to find out where we are in a routine and join one of our performance classes to be a part of the fun! 

Electronic Tribal Fusion Fitness (B+) 

Instructor: Lilly

Offered on Sundays from 5-6:30pm

**Rent a mat at the studio for $2/hr or bring your own**

In this 1.5 hour long weekly workshop, students will be taken through a fast paced belly dance fitness class that will focus on using drilling essential Tribal Fusion technique- such as shimmies with hip slides,  circles, shoulder rolls,  chest locks- while stretching and toning the body using basic yoga postures. With each song introduced, a new set of drills will be offered with the possibility to perform choreography for future performances. Get ready to become connected to yourself through yogic stretching before you pop and lock, shimmy and belly roll all to alternative dance music. This class is for all levels who are ready to sweat- bring your yoga mat and a bottle of water and get ready to work it to Electronic Tribal Fusion Fitness.    

Burlesque (B+)

Instructor: Arielle, Mama K, Kellie, Caitlin, Marta, Grace, Megan and Nichole
Burlesque is offered many times a week in different formats:
Sassy Burlesque Fitness- offered by Arielle and Mama K on Wednesdays at 7PM, offered by Caitlin and Marta Tuesdays at 7pm, offered by Grace and Megan Thursdays at 7pm, offered by Nichole on Saturdays at 10am (beginning June 6th)
Tone and Tease Burlesque- offered by Kellie on Thursdays at 6pm 

PLEASE NOTE: You must be 18+ to attend this class, or have a parent's permission

Burlesque Fitness: Follow along to popular burlesque music, including songs like, "Pour Some Sugar On Me", "Why Don't You Do Right", "All That Jazz", "Superfreak" and more. Follow the instructor in a zumba-like fashion, and dance an hour away without having to learn a routine. So much fun, you won't know you're exercising!

Tone and Tease: Looking for a fun and sassy way to get your sweat on and learn some new moves for the dance floor?  Come join Kellie for a half hour of stretching and sculpting followed by a half hour of saucy burlesque routine designed to work you out and bring out your inner diva. Drop ins always welcome, and please bring a yoga mat!

Body Buster

Instructor: Beth

Body Buster (A) is offered Wednesdays at 8pm- OPENS JULY 15TH

**Rent a mat at the studio for $2/hr or bring your own** Please wear clean athletic shoes. No outdoor shoes please.

Body Buster is a 60-minute class that incorporates the best all-around exercises for overall body toning and conditioning. The general class format will include a short warm-up session, followed by a combination of cardio, core, and bodyweight exercises designed to challenge your body in a variety of fun ways, and will conclude with a brief cool-down and stretching period. Body Buster classes are "all-in-one" workouts, fusing cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility training together to help tone you up and slim you down! All fitness levels are welcome to try out Body Buster classes. Please bring your own yoga mat with you, or rent one from Dance Life Studio for $2.00/hour.

Bollywood Fitness OR

Bollywood Fusion

Instructor:  Anjali or Priti
Bollywood Fitness (B+, taught by Anjali) is offered Wednesdays at 6PM

Bollywood Fusion (I, taught by Priti) is offered Saturdays at 11AM

Bollywood is the upbeat dance style performed in many Indian musicals. It's a combination of many classical and folk Indian dance, with Latin, Arabic and Western moves thrown in for some spice. It's incredibly fun and very expressive, and there's a lot of deep meaning behind music in the films. Learn how to express what the music means and tell the story of the song through the graceful movements of the body, and get a great workout while you are at it! No previous dance experience is required- just arrive ready to enjoy the beats! Have fun in an adult beginner dance class. Drop-ins welcome!

Bollywood Fitness on Wednesdays (offered by Anjali) is like Zumba, except with Bollywood moves. Great for beginners! 

During Bollywood Fusion on Saturdays (offered by Priti), you will learn a routine which will get your heart pumping. Get ready to learn and get a work out at the same time. We don't recommend dropping in on this class, as the focus is on learning a choreography which repeats for 6-8 weeks. Please contact us to find out where in the routine we are! 

Zumba (B+) or (A)

Instructor: Melissa, Jen, or Krystal
Zumba is offered multiple times throughout the week: Mondays at 6PM (offered by Melissa),Tuesdays at 6PM (offered by Jen), Thursdays at 8pm (offered by Krystal, this is a high-intensity class) Saturdays at 9AM (offered by Melissa) 

This fitness sensation combines Latin and international rhythms to produce a workout that is both fun and effective! The easy to follow steps and upbeat music might even make you forget that you are exercising! More a party than a chore, getting in shape with Zumba is appropriate for individuals at all levels of fitness. PLEASE NOTE- we offer a high-intensity Zumba class on Thursdays at 8pm. The rest of the classes are an "all levels appropriate" class. 

Belly Dance Fitness (B+)

Instructor: Sarah

Belly Dance Fitness is offered twice weekly:
Sundays at noon
Mondays at 7pm 

Get your sweat on belly dance style in this Zumba-esque, follow the bouncing butt fitness class; spend a half an hour dancing, not thinking, and burn some calories while you're at it. This class uses basic belly dance movements, and it's recommended if you've never done a fitness or dance class before that you start with Fundamentals of Belly Dance. 

PiYo - Pilates-Yoga Fusion (I)

Instructor:  Kate and Lora

PiYo is offered Sundays at 10AM

**Rent a mat at the studio for $2/hr or bring your own**

PiYo Strength is a fusion class that brings together Pilates, yoga, and bodyweight strength training. It is set to fun music that keeps the pace of the class, and your heart rate, elevated. What is unique about PiYo Strength is that you can improve your strength, flexibility, and balance all within one workout. All fitness levels are welcome to come connect mind and body through this dynamic class!

World Dance Fitness- Summer Session

Instructor: Laurin

World Dance Fitness is offered on Tuesdays at 5pm from June 30th- August 25th

Get moving with a variety of dances from around the globe!  No prior experience necessary to jump in and follow along.  Dances are fun and accessible, with variations in steps and music that will keep you on your toes.  Come and experience unique world and modern music as you move and groove to an array of cultural dances!

-This class will be offered just for the summer, from June 30th- August 25th. Instructor Laurin will be unable to teach on July 21st and 28th, so please stay tuned as we find a replacement for those two weeks. 

Stretch/Flexibility (B)

Instructor: Sophi
Stretch/Flexibility is offered Thursdays at 5:30PM, this is an express class-CLOSED UNTIL FALL

**Rent a mat at the studio for $2/hr or bring your own**

Work through a variety of stretches that targets all of the major areas of the body including the hamstrings, hips/quads/glutes, arms and shoulders, back stretches and more. You'll find yourself working your way up to the splits in no time.

This is a beginner's class for those looking to increase their strength and flexibility. Socks are highly recommended, and feel free to bring a mat. Being able to touch your toes not required! PLEASE NOTE THIS CLASS IS CLOSED UNTIL FALL

Dance-Yoga Express (B+)

Instructor: Maureen
Dance-Yoga Express is a half an hour class offered on Saturdays at 8:30AM


**Rent a mat at the studio for $2/hr or bring your own**

Learn and practice a  flowing routine to improve focus, flexibility and balance that is designed to energize you for the rest of the day. Yoga mat required.